English Articles

English Articles

Some Trends in Indian Music

Bharat Sangeet Sabha

1969, January

Music Research in India: Some Possibilities

IIT journal

1970, March
Not Available*

Performance and Literature

Quest Magazine (Edi. Nissim Ezekiel)

1974, March – April
Not Available*

Musical Evolution of the Gazal

NCPA – Quarterly Journal

1974, February

Affective analysis of North India Ragas

Sangeet Natak

1974, February

Powada: An Outdoor Musical Form

NCPA – Quarterly Journal

1974, March

Music Books in MUBP Board

NCPA – Quarterly Journal

1975, January

Music and Music Films

Sangeet Natak

1975, February

Music in Indian Universities

Quest Magazine (Edi. Nissim Ezekiel)

1975, March – April

Mass communication: Media and Indian Music

Quest Magazine (Edi. Nissim Ezekiel)

1975, October

Vasant Desai


1976, January

Indian Music and Musical Instruments

Taj Magazine

1976, August

Voices in Distress

1976, August

Dr. Kumar Gandharva: An experiment within tradition

Sangeet Natak

1976, September

Jagar – News and Notes (may 21, 1977 at Kokner, Palghar Dist., Maharashtra)

NCPA – Quarterly Journal – Vol. VI, No 04

1977, December

The Powada

“Lesser Known Forms of Performing Arts in India,
Chapter 12 (Edi. Durgadas Mukhopadhyay)”

1978, January

Broadcasting and Music in India

Quest Magazine (Edi. Nissim Ezekiel)

1978, January – February

Report of Thumari Festival at University Music Centre, Bombay

Sangeet Natak – No 21-23

1978, March

The Dramatics in Speech (Editorial)

NCPA – Quarterly Journal

1978, July

Voice Culture and Dramatic Speech

NCPA – Quarterly Journal – Vol. VII, No 04

1978, December

The Musical Evolution of Gazal, Part 2, Chapter X

The Sacred and the secular in India’s Performing Arts – Anand Coomarswamy Centenary Essays (Edi. Prof. V. Subramaniam)

1980, January

News and Notes – Folk Music of Maharashtra: A Presentation

NCPA – Quarterly Journal

1980, August

Report: Folk Music of Maharashtra

Sangeet Natak – A Presentation at University Music Centre, Bombay on 4th August 1980

1980, August

Indian Film Music: Changing Compositions

Cinema Vision

1980, September

The Extraordinary Importance of The Indian Film Song

Cinema Vision

1980, October

Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

NCPA – Quarterly Journal

1981, March

Popular Culture and Music

International Popular Culture – POP : India – special issue, Vol. II, no.1 (Edi. B Ramesh Babu)

1981, April – June

Sangeet: Our Heritage


1981, August

Traditions of Indian Music

Indian Heritage (Edi. Vasanti Arun Mudumdar)

1981, August 31

Researches in Folk Performing Arts

NCPA – Quarterly Journal – Vol. XII, No. 04

1983, December

Musics and Rhythms (Lecture in 3rd Palghat Mani Lecture)

Lecture Jewel’s Casket (Vol. 1) Edi. Bangalore K Venkatraman, Bangalore, 1984

1984, May 27

Performance and its Peripherals

Seminar-cum- Workshop on Documentation and Archiving, Archives and Research Center For Ethnomusicology

1984, September 24 – 30

Maharashtra: Music

Maharashtra (Edi. Dr Saryu Doshi)

1985, January

Categories of Music

NCPA – Quarterly Journal – Vol. XIV, No 04

1985, December

News and Notes – Workshop in Voice and Speech

NCPA – Quarterly Journal – Vol. XIV, No 04

1985, December

Studies in Music: 2 – Performance and Peripherals

Sangeet Natak – No 81-82

1986, July – December

Symbology and Performing Arts (Proceedings of the Seminar on Indian Symbology)

Indian Symbology – Proceedings on Symbology (Edi. Kirti Trivedi)

1987, January

On Voice and Speech Training

Facts and News (Issue No 01)

1987, July

Devotional Music in India

Sangeet Natak – No 85-86

1987, July – December

Bharata’s Natyashastra

Facts and News (Issue No 02)

1987, August

Drama Criticism: A Note

Facts and News (Issue No 04)

1987, October

Training in Performing Arts: Dramatics

Facts and News (Issue No 05)

1987, December

The Moving Image and Music in India

Sangeet Natak – No 87

1988, January – March

Actors and Performing Entertainers

Facts and News (Issue No 06)

1988, February

Stage Lighting: A Cultural Perspective

Facts and News (Issue No 07)

1988, March

Communication and the Non-verbal

Facts and News (Issue No 08)

1988, May

Drama Under Siege!

Facts and News (Issue No 09)

1988, July

Music and Its Non-musical Uses

Sangeet Natak – No 89-90

1988, July – December

Affective Analysis of North India Ragas – A Methodological Inquiry

Visva-Bharati Annals (New Series 01) On Music (Edi. Nemaisadhan Bose)

1988, August

Discussion or Dialogue

Facts and News (Issue No 10)

1988, September
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