The Illiterate Ustad and Other Myths: Writing on Music in the Late Mughal World

One of Dr Ashok Ranade’s major contributions to the field of Indian musicology was his seminal book, On Music and Musicians of Hindoostan. While Dr Ranade was a champion of the intellectual depth and virtuosity of the sina-ba-sina mode of transmission of the guru-shishya-parampara, he also made the fundamentally important point that oral and literate traditions in Indian music have not historically been in opposition to each other, nor have they ever been mutually exclusive.

Baithakichi Lavani - at CSVS Museum - 2010, March 4

Dr Ashok Da Ranade Thematic Concerts

Baithakichi Lavani – at CSVS Museum 2010, March 04 Baithakichi Lavani – Ravindra Natya Mandir 2010, March 20 Baithakichi Lavani – Performances DevaGani 1994, March 27 DevaGani – NCPA Santanchi Vatchal Performance at Parle, Mumbai Geeti-Bhaan Performance at Mumbai University on 2007, January 09 Radha Performance at Dombiwli on 2010, January 31

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